Friday, November 9, 2012

People's Food Plan

In response to the Federal Government’s proposed National Food Plan, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is drawing up a People’s Food Plan. You are invited to contribute by hosting a Kitchen Table Talk with your friends and neighbours!

The National Food Plan is most likely to increase our dependency on GM crops, corporate farms and free-trade imports; the duopoly that already has a stranglehold over our groceries will only increase its power; and family farms and rural communities are at risk of even further decline.

If you value small farms, sustainable growing methods, local food, seasonal eating and anything else that means real food, contribute!

You can find out much more at the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance. There you can download a draft policy document for your consideration and comment; or, if you have less time, you can use the following list of questions as a jumping off point. The AFSA also welcomes your own policy ideas and personal stories.

So get some friends round your kitchen table, serve them a cup of tea and something yummy from the garden, and have a good chat.

If you would like more information, you can contact a member of the steering team; find the reps for your state here. Return your comments no later than early December to Nick Rose at the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance at, or by snail mail to PO Box 3349, St Pauls NSW 2031.


10 Policy Ideas for a People’s Food Plan

Please determine whether your forum agrees, disagrees or is indifferent / undecided about the following statements. Please also indicate which three of these you would rank as the top priorities. If your forum decides that there are other priorities not on this list, please write them down and send them.

• Should agriculture and food policy in Australia support sustainable food sources, by subsidising farmers / growers / processors / distributors of locally grown and raised, seasonal fresh and preserved produce?

• Should Australian citizens have a strong and effective voice in the creation of food and agriculture policy?

• Should Australian governments support young, new and small farmers to ensure a future for family farming?

• Should Australian governments – federal, state and local – support people’s rights as citizens to a healthy and nutritious diet?

• Should the Australian National Preventive Health Agency develop a national health and climate change plan, and resource a national public health campaign with localised food as its focus?

• Should Australia’s prime agricultural land be fully audited and protected from alternative uses, e.g. suburban sprawl, coal-seam gas and other mining?

• Should Australian governments – Federal and State – support Australia’s family farmers by reintroducing publicly-funded extension officers, and publicly-funded agricultural research and development?

• Should Australian governments implement the right to food by ensuring that every Australian has good access to healthy, affordable food; and no Australian has to rely on emergency food sources?

• Should Australia prohibit the patenting of living organisms?

(The People’s Food Plan is supported by many fantastic people, including the very trustworthy Lolo Houbein, author of the fantastic One Magic Square, a call to straightforward backyard gardening and sustainable living. You can read my review of her book here.)

One Magic Square

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